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Being accused of violating fire safety regulations can result in your premises being shut down with immediate effect.

Having a specialist solicitor on your side with an in-depth understanding of fire safety regulations in England and Wales, to guide you through the legal process, is vital.

Here at Adley Gray, we have a team of solicitors experienced in fire safety regulations, who have the expert technical knowledge necessary to ensure that you will always be on top of both current and future fire safety requirements.

Fully compliant

We will ensure that you are fully compliant and that you never fall foul of any fire safety regulations, so you can rest easy that your staff and your business are safe.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order has resulted in fire safety regulations undergoing material changes in recent years, with fire safety regulations more important than ever before.

Expert fire safety solicitors

Premises can be closed down if fire safety regulations are breached, putting your business – and staff – in jeopardy.

If you are accused of not following fire safety regulations and you are being investigated or prosecuted, it is essential to act now and instruct expert fire safety solicitors, such as Adley Gray.

What are fire safety regulations?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 covers fire safety in England and Wales. There are different fire safety regulations in Scotland.

Who is responsible for enforcing the fire safety regulations depends on the premises. Most of the time, the local fire and rescue authorities have this responsibility. However there are places, such as construction sites or nuclear premises, where it is the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) who will enforce the fire safety regulations.

What are your responsibilities with regards to fire safety regulations?

Fire safety risk assessments must be carried out by employers (and/or landlords, occupiers or owners of buildings). These must be regularly reviewed and kept up to date.

You must use this assessment to ensure that “adequate and appropriate” fire safety measures are actioned, in order to minimise the risk of death or injury in a fire.

You should take action to either eliminate identified risks entirely or, if this is not possible, reduce them and ensure that any risks are managed.

If a fire does break out, you must understand how you will protect people from it.

Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Carrying out fire safety risk assessments and updating them regularly
  • Deciding on an appropriate way to detect a fire and warn others of its presence (and maintaining these systems)
  • Ensuring equipment to put out a fire quickly is available
  • Keeping fire escape routes and exits appropriately lit, signposted and unobstructed
  • Training staff to react to a potential fire and informing them of the risks that have been identified

Part of fire safety regulations is understanding dangerous substances on your premises

Many different substances regularly stored in workplaces can cause a fire and explosion. These range from the more obvious substances such as petrol and paint, to substances such as packaging materials and even sugar.

You must identify these substances/materials and who is at risk of being harmed by them.

Once the risks have been identified, you will need to decide what measures need to be put in place to reduce (or remove entirely, if possible) the risk of harm to people.

Fire safety regulations dictate that you need to consider the presence of dangerous substances that could result in a fire or explosion, in your fire safety risk assessment.

Not doing this could put both people’s lives – and your business – in danger, and open you up to serious criminal charges.

What will happen if I am found to have breached fire safety regulations and there is a fire?

If there is a fire on your premises and people are killed or injured, a criminal investigation will be opened.

If you are found to have breached fire safety regulations, you could find yourself with a prison sentence. Recent reform to fire safety regulations has meant that prison sentences can be more severe.

It is therefore vital that you ensure that you are fully compliant with all fire safety regulations at all times.

Our specialist fire safety solicitors, with in-depth knowledge and experience of this often complex area of law, can work with you to ensure that you are complying with all fire safety rules.

If you find yourself in a fire safety investigation or prosecution, our expert solicitors are ready and waiting to help.


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